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Information regarding "INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF CHIROPRACTIC NEUROLOGY, et al, Plaintiff, vs. JUDY LIPKA, et al, Defendant"

July 25- August 3, 2011, IACN Board of Directors Dr. Donald Dishman, Joseph Ferezy, and John Frazier, along with members of the IBE and IBCN, Dr. Micheal Siefman, Dr. Luis Vera, Smith, Dr. Jeffery Ross, Dr. Gerald Simon, Dr. Paul Dickerson, Dr. Lisa Bloom, Dr. Bud Chaney, Dr. Gordon Staff and Dr. Jason Evans,signed this letter. The letter was sent, along with this petition, and this information sheet, to over 1/2 of the eligable voting membershp of the IACN.

August 8, 2011 - Spaulding Law Office, under this
cover letter, delivered copies of the signed petitions to Dr. Scott Arnold, Dr. Rick Cole, Dr. Judy Lipka and Dr. Brad McKechnie as notice of their removal from office pursuant to IACN Bylaws provisions.

Dr.'s Arnold, Lipka and McKechnie contend that the petition has "failed" and that they remain in office and have continued without the Board of Directors to act in the color of the corporation. These actions include the filing of legal documents on behalf of the IACN both with the State of Tennesee, as well as the filing of a lawsuit and Temporary Restraining Order against Dr.'s Dishman, Ferezy and Frazier in Tennessee.

It is the position of the undersigned (Dr. Donald Dishman, Dr. Joseph Ferezy and Dr. John Frazier) that as members of the Board of Directors of the IACN we are obligated to carry out the will of the membership as documented by their petition signitures.

As a member of the IACN it is important to us that you understand that we are doing is what we sincerely believe to be in the best interest of chiropractic neurology and the IACN and is being done on behalf of the IACN membership at great personal sacrifice.  We appreciate your support and understanding through this difficult time for our organization.

Warm Personal Regards,

J. Donald Dishman, DC, DIBCN, DIBE, FIACN, Chairman
Joseph S. Ferezy, DC, DACAN, FIACN
John Frazier, DC, DIBCN, FIACN

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